Ultra-High CRI White LED (Optisolis™)

Optisolis™ achieves Ultra-High CRI with a spectrum that demonstrates the closest match to that of the standard illuminant. Optisolis™ is optimized for the general lighting market and is accomplished by using Nichia’s own blue chip and phosphor technology.

Manufacturers can utilize Optisolis™ and trust in a spectrum where all colors are reproduced to the color seen under a standard light. (Figure 1) Also, color rendering index has been significantly improved compared with the current products for general lighting. (Figure 2) Most importantly, since UV emission is essentially non-existent in the spectrum, the degradation of irradiated materials can be reduced dramatically compared to that of other light sources containing UV emission, including other market available LEDs.

Target applications include Museum and Art Gallery Lighting, where the highest CRI is preferred, but UV radiation and light sources can be detrimental. Additional applications could include Color Evaluation(e.g. painting, printing), Commercial Lighting (e.g. retail, etc.) or anywhere Ultra-High CRI is desired.

Figure 1.
Example of spectrum (TS 25°C) *1

Figure 2.
Example of Color Rendering Index (n=1) *1

*1 The above values are from measured samples and are for reference purposes only, these values are not guaranteed.

U=Under Development
N=New Product