Metal Alkoxide

Vanadium Oxy Isopropoxide

SUBSTANCE Vanadium OxyIsopropoxide
CAS No 5588-84-1
APPLICATIONS Electronic Materials、Catalysts(Polymerization/Organic Synthesis)
PACKINGSteel Drum : 100kg, 15kg

Vanadium Oxy Isopropoxide Quality (Commercial Product)


Typical data

Theoretical Value
V5+ ≧20.50% 20.83% 20.86%
V3+、V4+ ≦0.50% 0.21%  
Fe ≦0.01% 0.001%  

High Purity Product (Trial Product) Metal impurities Typical Data

Purity MO Mn Cu Mg Fe Cr Si Pb Ni
99.997% 4 5 1 1 0.6 0.6 <13 <4 <0.7

.pdf Vanadiumoxyalkoxide Technical Data

example of use Vanadiumoxytriisopropoxide

Submicron-sized monodispperse spherical V2O5 partices were prepared by hydrolysis of vanadium oxy isopropoxide.
TEM Reference:Yamamoto,S.;Takano,M.;Shimakawa,Y.Mater.Res.Soc.Symp.Proc.Vol.879E Z7.14.1©2005 Materials Reserarch society

We can respond to the synthesis of other metal (3~6 group and rare earth metal) alkoxides.