Titanocene dichloride

FORMURA SUBSTANCETitanocene dichloride
CAS No 1271-19-8
APPLICATIONS Catalysts(Polymerization/Hydrogenation/Organic Synthesis),
Electronics Materials, Curing Agent

.pdf Titanocene Dichloride Technical Data

Trial Product Zirconocene dichloride

FORMURA SUBSTANCE Zirconocene dichloride
FORMULA [(C5H5)2ZrCl2]
CAS No 1291-32-3
APPLICATIONS Catalysts(Polymerization/Organic Synthesis),Electronics Materials, Stabilizer

.pdf Zirconocene Dichloride Technical Data

Application to organic syntheses of Zirconocene dichloride

Negishi reagent [Cp2ZrBu2] derived from zirconocene dichloride using was used for high-stereoselective and regioselective coupling reaction or cyclization. For example, multisubstituted pentacene derivatives having high carrier mobility were synthesized by Negishi reagent.

Synthesis of multisubstituted acenes


Trial Product

SUBSTANCE Zirconocene Chloride Hydride(trivial name: Schwartz Reagent)
CAS No 32342-97-5
APPLICATIONSOrganic Synthesis

.pdf Schwartz Reagent Technical Data