Oct. 5, 2018

LpS Award for Best Lighting Technology 2018 was awarded to Nichia’s Optisolis™ Ultra High CRI LED -Sponsored by LED Professional

On September 26th, 2018 The LED Professional Symposium (LpS) presented Nichia’s Optisolis™ Ultra High CRI LED with the award of Best Lighting Technology. The LpS Awards are given to cutting edge technologies with the strongest impact on lighting applications and sustainability. The LpS jury recognizes that Nichia’s Optisolis™ Ultra High CRI LED is great for various applications, but is ideal “where a daylight characteristic in respect to CRI and CCT is desired while the impact of high energy, low wavelength radiation must be avoided.” The Optisolis’™ lack of UV energy is a clear differentiator from other available LEDs. “This new product alters the misrepresentation that LEDs either do not render colors of artwork properly or damage the color pigments of precious paintings,” according to the LpS jury.

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Public Relations, Nichia Corporation