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Nichia starts engineering sample shipments of 1W CW pure blue semiconductor laser

Nichia Corporation will start engineering sample shipment of its first 1W continuous-wave GaN-based laser diode with a 445 nm wavelength available as blue light sources for display.

Taking advantage of its expertise and experience in 405 nm GaN based laser diode for the next-generation optical disk systems, Nichia successfully developed the world's first 1W multimode high power pure blue GaN-based laser diode under continuous-wave operation mode at room temperature, based on our extensive research and development of longer wavelength devices with a range of 440 to 460 nm for full color display.

The power conversion efficiency (i.e. wall-plug efficiency or WPE) of the device when operated at 1W is above 20%; the estimated half-lifetime exceeds 30,000 hours. This highly reliable laser diode provides key features such as high power, high efficiency and long life as an ideal blue light source for a display and is believed to play a vital role in realizing a full-color laser display. Engineering sample shipments will begin in March 2008.

In the future, all Nichia employees will contribute to society by devoting their continued efforts to research, development and manufacturing of valued-added products, i.e. MONOTSUKURI. in Japanese.

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