NICHIA LED Catalogue

April 2021 Release

Nichia Corporation will authorize printing of the Web Catalog, as long as the entity agrees to all of the conditions below.

1.Nichia Corporation and its publishing company solely own the right to all data and contents provided in the Web Catalog. Reproducing/reprinting any portion of the Web Catalog is strictly prohibited.
2.Printed material from the Web Catalog is only for viewing and reference purposes for internal use by the entity, or person, who prints it. Transferring and/or reselling any portion of the Web Catalog to a third-party is strictly prohibited.
3.The standard specification sheet will override any discrepancies with the Web Catalog. Nichia Corporation will not be responsible for any results based solely off of the information in the Web Catalog.
4.Actual product may look slightly different from the picture of the product due to the characteristics of the display/monitor.
5.Nichia Corporation reserves the right to change any portion of the Web Catalog for product improvement purposes.


No.   PDF
1 Contents (0.3MB) .pdf
2 Index (0.9MB) .pdf
3 Caution/Part No. Identification (0.3MB) .pdf
4 General Lighting (16.1MB) .pdf
5 Automotive (17.1MB) .pdf
6 UV (6.1MB) .pdf
7 Specialty Lighting (3.9MB) .pdf
8 Display (5.2MB) .pdf
9 LCD Backlighting (1.3MB) .pdf
10 Surface Mount Type (Outline Dimensions) (1.4MB) .pdf
11 Surface Mount Type (Packing Example/Handling Precautions) (0.3MB) .pdf
12 Lamp Type (Outline Dimensions) (0.4MB) .pdf
13 Lamp Type (Packing Example/Handling Precautions) (0.5MB) .pdf
14 Intellectual Property in Semiconductor Technology (0.2MB) .pdf
15 Subsideries and Sales Offices (0.2MB) .pdf