The new 585 series of mid power LEDs

With high flux output at approximately 0.5W, the new 585 series of mid power LEDs, including the NF2W585AR and the NF3W585AR achieves the industry’s highest efficacy.

Continuing to expand on its vertically integrated operations, the 585 series delivers superb performance in applications with limited space where higher luminous flux and higher efficacy is desired.

In these high efficacy applications (200lm/W and above), when compared to a conventional mid power LED, the 585 series allows customers to reduce the number of LEDs without sacrificing fixture efficacy. Reducing the sizes for both the board and heatsink can lead to a smaller overall fixture size and lower cost.

The 585 series carries the same leading quality and lifetime characteristics that Nichia has been known for. It is ideal for outdoor lighting, high bays and other applications, specifically where fixture size is a key attribute.

U=Under Development
N=New Product