Direct Mountable Chip color lineup

Nichia’s Direct Mountable Chip color lineup, consisting of Royal Blue, Green, Amber and Red, along with its previously released white options, enables lighting customers to take advantage of Nichia’s unique Direct Mountable Chip technology in a wide range of applications. This innovative color solution is accomplished by utilizing Nichia’s own phosphor and blue die technology.

This approach brings numerous benefits to fixture manufacturers and designers. By using the same wavelength die in each color, Nichia has harmonized the Forward Voltage across the entire Direct Mountable Chip family, therefore simplifying electrical circuit designs. Additionally, unlike other discrete color technologies, the internal structure of each Direct Mountable Chip color is the same. Therefore, the directivity and height are also the same, thus making optical design much easier to manage. Finally, with the phosphor converted Red Direct Mountable Chip, the thermal droop characteristics are significantly improved from traditional Red AlInGaP LEDs. This allows for much better in-situ performance and overall color and stability.

Nichia’s Direct Mountable Chip family was the first lighting CSP-type to incorporate unique technology allowing for a single sided 120° lambertian optical pattern, eliminating cross-talk in lumen dense applications. By developing an innovative color lineup, Nichia’s now expanded Direct Mountable Chip portfolio provides flexibility to all lighting applications, including color tuning, architectural lighting and other commercial and residential markets.

U=Under Development
N=New Product