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NICHIA filed a lawsuit against German company in Japan for Blue LED patents infringement

NICHIA CORPORATION (NICHIA) announced today that it had filed a lawsuit on May 22, 2006 in Osaka District Court to enjoin MOELLER ELECTRIC LTD., Japan (MOELLER), the Japanese subsidiary of MOELLER GmbH in Germany (MOELLER German HQ), from infringing NICHIA's patents. The suit seeks damages for past infringement as well as an injunction against any further infringing activity.

Since the products that MOELLER is offering are manufactured by MOELLER German HQ, NICHIA warned MOELLER German HQ about their possible infringement of NICHIA patents in August 2005, however, NICHIA's intellectual property rights have been hardly respected. Therefore, NICHIA had filed the lawsuit alleging the Blue LED mounted on the LED element (Type No. M22-LED-B) sold by MOELLER infringes NICHIA's patents (No. 2770717, No.3356034, No.3656456), and demanded MOELLER cease the infringing activities.

NICHIA will take necessary measure to protect its intellectual property rights against any infringing companies in any part of the world.

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