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Withdrawal of Nichia’s provisional injunction actions against Koyo Business Service

Nichia Corporation (“Nichia”) withdrew the two provisional injunction actions it filed to the Tokyo District Court against Koyo Business Services, Inc. (“Koyo”) on July 26, 2011.

Koyo had sold LED lighting products (PICASONA products) manufactured by LumiRich, one of the ILJIN group companies, pursuant to an OEM arrangement with Koyo. Nichia had filed provisional injunction actions with regard to the PICASONA products that used LEDs manufactured without license from Nichia.

In the provisional injunction action procedure, Koyo stated that it has changed the LEDs used in all of the PICASONA products sold after the action was filed to licensed products of Nichia. Nichia withdrew the actions for this reason. However, the patent infringement issue regarding PICASONA products from before the LEDs were changed to licensed products of Nichia remains unresolved. Nichia will seek cooperation from users of such PICASONA products for them to take appropriate measures such as to switch to LED lighting products using LEDs with Nichia license.

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