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The new development of High-power Green Laser Diodes

Nichia Corporation has succeeded the development of high-power pure green laser diode which has optical output power higher than 1W with 525nm lasing wavelength, first time in the world*1,which will be applied for display application such as Laser TV.

The new developed high-power pure green laser diode was achieved by the optimization of epi-structures based on c-plane GaN substrates*2.

As a result, we have achieved 10 times greater optical output power*3 and 1.5 times higher Wall-Pulg-Efficiency*3 compared with the current lower power green laser diodes based on GaN.

The high-power pure green laser diode development complete the fundamental three colors semiconductor laser light source with 1W range output power for each color.

This three color laser light source will open the application of laser TV as well as laser projectors with the much lower power consumption and the higher color gamut.

*1 Nichia research dated on 2012/11/12
*2 C-plan GaN substrates are proven technology being used in the blu-ray and projector application.
*3 The current green laser diode has 100mW power and 9% efficiency based on Nicha research dated on 2012/11/12.

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