Materiales de evaporación/revestimiento

Otros materiales

No. Product Form Size Standard
SiO SiO 7105-0000 Granules 2.0~4.0mm 1.0kg 5.0kg
7105-0001 5.6~9.5mm
7105-0002 4.0~8.0mm
7105-0004 4.0~9.5mm

Analytical Instruments List

Evaluation Contents Instruments Name Examples
Material Evaluation Vacuum Coater Observation of splash.
Measurement of outgas and deposition rate.
Film Evaluation Spectrophotometer Transmission, reflection and refracutive index dispersion measurement.
Component Analysis ICP Chemical composition analysis.
Minute impurity analysis.
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Surface Analysis EPMA Impurity analysis of thin film surface.
ESCA Analysis of material composition change.
SEM Observation of thin film surface and cross section.
Structure Analysis XRD Crystal structure analysis of material