NICHIA Tunable White Series

Nichia’s Tunable White Series are innovative LEDs that enable creative design potential for tunable light fixtures.

“Color Tuning” has grabbed attention as a key feature of lighting as it enables the color of light to change from cool white to warm white. The sun is the embodiment of tunable light. Sunlight changes its color throughout the entire day, from sunrise to sunset. These changes help sync the circadian rhythm, allowing it to be active from morning to noon and become sleepy in the evening. Recently, working from home has become much more common. Consequently, an individual’s daily sun exposure has been gradually decreasing, reducing the opportunity to adjust the body’s circadian rhythm. By controlling the color of light, color tunable fixtures can contribute to the body’s circadian rhythm.

Until now, the common method to achieve the tunable lighting has been to mount multiple LED packages onto one board. (i.e. warm white LEDs and cool white LEDs) Compared to a light fixture designed with a single color LED, the size of this board tends to be larger and luminaire manufacturers may even prepare two boards. Furthermore, to provide efficient color mixing, additional secondary optics design is required (e.g. a reflector and lens) and this also contributes to a larger fixture size.

By controlling the light emission color within a single package, Nichia’s Tunable White series solves existing design challenges and enables the lighting market to easily produce color tunable fixtures. These are ground-breaking LEDs with superb color uniformity, enabling smaller fixture sizes. Nichia’s proprietary technologies and potential to contribute to the lighting industry led to the great awards. Experience Nichia’s cutting-edge technology and explore the endless possibilities.

U=Under Development
N=New Product