Ultime Novita’ Archivio 2011

Oct. 4, 2011
[Surface Mount Type 757AR Series]
New 0.6W Type LED Package For Lighting Applications.Various selections from high luminous efficacy to high CRI are available to meet your needs.
Oct. 4, 2011
Powerful Multi-Chip LED Light Source On Board, Its assembly method is unique and easy to use. No reflow soldering is required. These high power LEDs simplify system design. Excellent color binning reduces color mixing complexities.
Jul. 25, 2011
Tunable Violet Laser Module(Engineering Sample), High coherence Laser source with External Cavity for Holographic Data Storage, Achieve Easy Operation to install exclusive use operating software.
Apr. 1, 2011
[Surface Mount Type 183A Series]
NICHIA Multi-Chip Power LED Series, 183A series: Brighter, lower forward voltage, for a more efficient package
Apr. 1, 2011
A Compact Multi-Chip LED Light Source, Combining efficiency and power, making cost effective yet reliable lighting solutions possible
Apr. 1, 2011
[Surface Mount Type 157A Series]
New Top Emitting LED With High Level Efficacy, Our smallest and thinnest high luminous efficiency LED available today in a package 0.5W or less, Five different drive currents available to meet your specific needs
Apr. 1, 2011
[Lamp Type 346KS Series]
Oval Lamp Type LEDs for High Quality Video Displays, A smooth and clean radiation pattern
Apr. 1, 2011
[Surface Mount Type 172A Series]
Power LEDs for Automotive Applications.The high power and highly reliable 172 series is specialized for the automotive exterior applications.
Feb. 14, 2011
Laser Diode for External Cavity (Test Sample) For External Cavity Laser with Low Reflection Coating on front facet. *Now on sale the Test Samples