Tunable COB series with highly efficient color mixing

With the goal of enriching people’s lives, human-centric lighting has recently grabbed the attention of the lighting industry, including selecting and balancing color temperatures that respond to natural biological rhythms.

The common method to achieve these features on existing tunable light fixtures is to mount multiple LED packages onto one board. This approach provides flexibility in the design. Unfortunately, it also requires complexity and ingenuity to properly mix the color of each LED. Additionally, it was quite difficult to develop color tunable fixtures with narrow beam patterns and harmonized color. Nichia’s brand new tunable COB series is based on the COB-Z series which features high flux density (model numbers: NJCWL024Z-V1MT/NVCWJ024Z-V1MT). This product will solve these problems and enables the lighting market to produce color tunable fixtures easily. By controlling the light emission color within the COB package, this will make the light emitting area of the light source smaller and improve the degree of color the mixing.

Nichia’s color tunable COB series is ideal for many applications, including commercial applications such as retail spot lights and even residential applications such as downlights. Imagine a retail store allowing the light color to be changeable based on their display or objects being lit. Or picture a family changing the color temperature of their home to best suit their natural biological rhythms. The opportunities are endless. Nichia’s color tunable COB will expand the market potential for future lighting fixtures and lighting environments.

U=Under Development
N=New Product