Preliminary Injunction Order Executed against EPISTAR, the largest GaN LED manufacturer in Taiwan

Today Nichia Corporation announced that a Taiwanese court had granted a preliminary injunction order, which was executed by Nichia on September 30, 2003. Nichia is suing EPISTAR for the infringement of Nichia's Taiwan patent No. 160,722 by EPISTAR's blue LED product.

This execution of the preliminary injunction order will prevent EPISTAR from making, selling, using, importing, and marketing its accused product.

This legal execution action follows the preliminary attachment order, which was executed on September 22 (announced on September 24), and was directed at one of EPISTAR's representative products.Nichia intends to take additional necessary legal actions against other EPISTAR products, other products of other manufacturers in Taiwan and/or assembly manufacturers that use infringing products. Nichia believes that these actions will be necessary in order to protect Nichia's intellectual properties and its licensing partners' legal rights. Nichia expressed a willingness to enforce its intellectual property rights against any other infringement in any country in the world.

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