Nichia files provisional injunction action against an importer/seller of LED lighting products manufactured in Korea

April 28, 2011 – Nichia Corporation announced today that it had filed a provisional injunction action in Tokyo District Court to enjoin Koyo Business Services, Inc. (Koyo Business Service Kabushiki Kaisha) from infringing Nichia's patent.

Nichia believes white LEDs used in certain LED lighting products (product name: “PICASONA”; Type 20 straight tube lighting product and 3 inch downlighting product) which Koyo claims to be manufactured by a Korean LED lighting product manufacturer LumiRich pursuant to an OEM arrangement with Koyo and imported to Japan and sold by Koyo, infringe Nichia's patent (No. 3679626), and have come to file a provisional injunction action in Tokyo District court.

The patent is one of Nichia's patents concerning blue LED chips used in white LED products, whose technology is employed in many blue LED chips as understood by Nichia.

Nichia will take necessary measure to protect its intellectual property rights against any companies in any part of the world.

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