Sep. 12, 2017

Nichia Settles US Patent Lawsuit with Mary Elle Fashions and Meridian Electric

In June and July 2016, Nichia Corporation (“Nichia”) commenced lawsuits in both the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern Districts of Texas and Missouri, respectively, accusing certain white LED-containing products sold by Mary Elle Fashions, Inc. and Meridian Electric Company, Inc. (together, “Meridian”) of infringing Nichia's LED patents, specifically, U.S. Patent Nos. 8,530,250 and 7,915,631. As part of the lawsuits, Nichia sought damages and injunctions against further infringement. The parties have been able to amicably resolve their differences. Meridian has also acknowledged that some of the LEDs used in the accused products were manufactured by Taiwanese LED manufacturer Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Everlight”) and, although previously unknown to Meridian, these products infringe the ’250 patent. As part of the parties’ settlement, Meridian has agreed to make a certain payment to Nichia, and not to continue to use infringing LEDs manufactured by Everlight in Meridian products.

Nichia seeks to protect its patents and other intellectual property rights and takes actions against alleged infringers in any country where appropriate and necessary.

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