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Customs Accepted Nichia's Request for Injunctive Relief against LED Products Imported from Taiwan

On November 19, 2004, Osaka Customs accepted Nichia's request for an injunctive relief to prohibit importation of certain white LEDs products (type #: 99-215UW C/TR8), which is allegedly imported from Taiwan by E&E Japan Co., Ltd. for sale in Japan.

Nichia filed the request alleging that the white LED products infringe on one of its design patents (No. 1171193), which relates to side-view type LEDs used for, among others, light sources for LCD back-lights.

A comparison between the patented design and the product (type #: 99-215UWC/TR8)

  The Patented Design (No.1171193), Type #99-215UWC/TR8
Top Perspective View
Front View
Rear View
Top View
Bottom View
Right Side View

Nichia has declared that Nichia will spare no effort to protect its intellectual property rights and will continue to enforce the same against any infringing companies worldwide.

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