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Nichia has been taking the lead to develop and manufacture LEDs, LD (Laser Diodes) and semiconductor materials based on the technology cultivated since its foundation. As an innovator of the light, Nichia will continue to make contributions to the further improvement of life and industry in the years to come.
Nichia also strives to develop the unique chemical products such as cathode materials for Lithium-ion batteries which are the key materials in the fields of energy, phosphors, magnetic materials, vacuum evaporation materials, organometallic compounds, and medical materials. These chemical products are based on the core technologies in powder synthesis Nichia has built up during its many years.
By maintaining a consistent quality management system through product planning, development, design, prototype production, mass production, sales, and logistics, Nichia will continue to explore the world’s best monotsukuri* that is environmentally-friendly and enhance its services to make customers satisfied.

*For more information about Nichia’s LED/LD products, refer to Nichia’s LED/LD site.

* The Japanese word describing creating, manufacturing, and developing activities that are not only focused on the simple process of manufacturing inside a factory but also include the creation, utilization, and combination of ideas, technologies, and expertise.