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At Nichia, market demands are promptly communicated through Nichia's organization's structure and then implemented by Nichia's own monotsukuri*.
Nichia is made of multiple business units: the Cathode Material Business Unit develop and produce cathode material for Lithium Ion battery, the Optoelectronics Products Business Unit that promotes the opto-device business, the Functional Materials Business Unit that produce magnetic material, phosphor, etc., And the Nichia Research Institute, pursuing the research on light and energy. In addition, indirect divisions supports these business units. All business units work in collaboration with the production sites, R&D institutions, sales, and indirect divisions at Nichia.

Cathode Material Business Unit

Development of Cathode Materials
Development of cathode materials for Lithium-ion batteries and development of next-generation materials
Manufacturing of Cathode Materials
Manufacturing of cathode materials for Lithium-ion batteries
Battery material business planning, procurement, and worldwide sales

Optoelectronics Product Business Unit

Development of LED/LD products
Development, material development manufacturing process development, and package development for LED/LD products
LED/LD manufacturing and production technology
LED/LD manufacturing, production technology
Development of applied products
Development of light source modules
LED/LD business planning, procurement, and worldwide sales

Functional Materials Business Unit

Development and manufacturing of functional chemicals
Development and manufacturing of magnetic materials, phosphors, etc.
Gallium metal and Infrared Epitaxial Wafer Manufacturing
Gallium metal and Infrared epitaxial wafer manufacturing
Manufacturing of epitaxial growth substrate for use in LED/LD

Nichia Research Institute

Basic research on technologies and materials related to light and energy

Others Unit

Plant Engineering
Design and development of equipment made in-house
Process technology
Design and development of tooling and glass lenses
Quality Assurance
Inspection/analysis of the products, quality assurance/management, customer support
General affair, human resource, human resource development, accounting, etc.
Legal & Intellectual Property
Intellectual property rights and contractual practices throughout the world
IT Systems
Internal IT system development and management, AI, IoT, big data, robotization
Environment and Safety
Environment, Safety and Health management

* The Japanese word describing creating, manufacturing, and developing activities that are not only focused on the simple process of manufacturing inside a factory but also include the creation, utilization, and combination of ideas, technologies, and expertise.