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What is the basis of Nichia’s identity and where does it come from?
Nichia employees have understood and embraced the thoughts and decisions of Nichia’s founder and executives throughout its history and worked earnestly together with all other members. As a result, Nichia’s identity was created. To properly cultivate the brand, all the elements of Nichia were organized, including the spirit of foundation, history, shared unfaltering beliefs, and employee's attitude towards work. They were then structured into the three categories shown in the diagram to the left: Corporate Philosophy, Nichia’s Mission, and Work Principles. The NICHIA Way is the concept that enhances Nichia’s corporate culture and organizational capabilities by taking advantage of its unique way of thinking and strengths that were created based on these principles.

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Ever Researching for
a Brighter World

These words have been understood as Nichia’s management policy since its foundation. To pass this spirit onto the next generation, Nichia has redefined this policy as its corporate philosophy, which is more crucial concept than just the management policy itself.
The word “Research” not only represents studying in a laboratory, but also indicates all activities that pursue better outcomes by thinking deeply and utilizing ideas from each person’s area of expertise. “Brighter World” implies a brightened future full of hope, not simply an illuminated one.
The main point of Nichia’s corporate philosophy is that Nichia will try to precisely understand the current needs of the world, pursue the best products, and contribute to society, as a company that strives for monotsukuri*.
The corporate philosophy is the core of the company and it shows the right direction that everyone should follow.

Nichia’s Mission

Through continuous creation of innovative key materials & devices in the fields of light & energy,
Nichia will add a new value to life & contribute to society.

Human civilization began with the use of fire. Lights that illuminate human lives have since evolved into bonfires, torches, candles, oil lamps, gas lights, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and LED lamps. Among these, Nichia’s long-lasting and close relationships with light began with the production of phosphors for fluorescent lamps. Nichia’s experience with phosphors, which can convert energy from electricity and other forms of energy into light, provided the foundation for a new challenge with GaN (Gallium Nitride), one of the semiconductor materials with huge potential, and the deep understanding of chemical elements that led to success in the development of cathode materials for Lithium-ion batteries. At the same time, the passion for true monotsukuri* enabled Nichia to create eco-friendly products with high performance, long life, and high reliability. People wish for a safe and healthy life. To accomplish this hope, people will strive for better light and energy that enables more applications and improved functionality. Changes in the global environment and advances in science and technology will also change the materials and devices required by society. In this ever-changing world, Nichia will continue to create the world’s best products and contribute to society through its innovative spirit and original monotsukuri* – that is Nichia’s mission and purpose.

Work Principles


Since Nichia's founding, employees have been reciting this slogan with the goal of becoming one of the world's leading manufacturers. This slogan expresses Nichia’s unique attitude towards work.

  • • Let’s study
  • • Let’s think deeply and work hard
  • • And let’s create the best products in the world

The Three Cs

Thoughts for each individual to keep in mind.


Continuous challenge for the dream, which will lead to the growth of individuals and of the company itself.


To be a company that is needed and trusted, Nichia strives for authenticity.


Collaboration of a variety of individuality makes a strong team and a strong company.

* The Japanese word describing creating, manufacturing, and developing activities that are not only focused on the simple process of manufacturing inside a factory but also include the creation, utilization, and combination of ideas, technologies, and expertise.