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Nichia is committed to research and development in collaboration
with companies, universities, research institutes,
which can all share a similar vision together.

As a company that spreads cutting-edge monotsukuri* from Tokushima and Japan to the world, Nichia has been supporting Japanese universities and research institutes that have great ambitions for future generations. The Tokushima International Science Institute (TISI), launched in 2021, is a prime example. Technion – Israel Institute of Technology which Albert Einstein contributed to both its establishment and development, Tokushima University and Nichia will work together to develop international collaborations in the field of advanced science.

Industry & Academia Collaboration

Israel Project

Combine Nichia's monotsukuri* with Israel's spirit of innovation, focusing on the environment, light, energy, life, and health. Nichia is looking 10 years ahead into the future of society to develop new business and new applications.

core technology

Materials, components,
and monotsukuri*

New business fields
and new applications
progressive ideas
  • The basis of innovation
  • Strategic thinking to create
    a new business model
Collaboration with Startups

Based in Israel, the world's information center, Nichia challenges to respond to ideas beyond imagination and innovation that change society by gathering information from startup companies and researchers around the world.

Collaboration with the universities

A project to match young Nichia engineers who want to be globally active and the Israeli University researchers who desire to conduct joint research with Nichia in the exploratory pursuit of future innovation.

Tokushima International Science Institute (TISI)

Tokushima International Science Institute (TISI)

Nichia, in collaboration with Tokushima University, established the Tokushima International Science Institute (Collaborative Research Center) on the university’s premises in January 2021. The institute’s aims are conducting research in advanced scientific fields, developing human resources as well as contributing to the international and regional communities, and will commence the following activities.

The Institute will conduct the following activities in a three-party collaboration of Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (“Technion”), Tokushima University, and Nichia with the consent of Technion, which Nichia has enjoyed ties with since 2016.

  • Advanced scientific research with a focus on excellence, innovation and academic values
  • Personnel exchanges such as research-based study abroad of researchers, postdoctoral staff, and students

Nichia will support the research activities, personnel exchanges, and operations of this institute. It is also gratifying for the future of Israel and Japan, and for both universities, that an inter-university academic exchange agreement has been signed between Technion and Tokushima University prior to the establishment of the institute.
The synergy from these efforts is expected to contribute to further development of both areas and an increase in youth employment through vitalizing and upgrading academic research and turning out internationally competent personnel.

Tokushima University NICHIA Technion

Academic Support

As a company involved in the optical industry, Nichia is focusing on the new properties of light made possible by quantitative technology and is looking forward to discovering new research themes. One example is the support for the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, which is promoting the research and development of photonic quantum computer technology that goes beyond the performance of conventional computers.

Academic Support

* The Japanese word describing creating, manufacturing, and developing activities that are not only focused on the simple process of manufacturing inside a factory but also include the creation, utilization, and combination of ideas, technologies, and expertise.