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Phosphors are substances that convert energy from electron beams, electromagnetic waves, and ultraviolet photons primarily into visible light. Nichia's phosphors are used in a variety of applications, including LEDs and medical X-ray applications. Nichia is proud of it's world leading technology.

White LEDsWhite LEDs
X-ray intensifying ScreensX-ray intensifying Screens

Organometallic Compounds

Nichia supplies high-purity Titanium, Zirconium, Nickel compounds, etc. produced by Nichia's proprietary techniques. These compounds have many applications such as catalysts for polymerization and organic synthesis and raw materials for high performance electronic materials.

Vacuum Evaporation Materials

Optical technology has accelerated in innovation during the 21st century, from optical products such as microscopes and conventional film-based cameras to electronics such as optical communications, semiconductors, DVDs, and projectors.One of the elemental technologies to support is optical thin film technology.Nichia has developed its production and application technologies for inorganic ceramic powders, including phosphors, which have been cultivated over many years, and offers a variety of evaporation materials that are suitable for creating high-quality optical thin films.

Fine Chemicals

Nichia's calcium compound and iron salts are used as raw materials for high-purity pharmaceutical, chemicals, and food additives.

Semiconductor Materials

High-purity Gallium is used as a raw material for compound semiconductors such as substrates for LEDs and Laser Diodes. Nichia’s infrared LED epitaxial wafers are widely used for high power and fast response infrared LEDs for various fields, such as surveillance cameras and sensors for security systems, and as high-speed photocouplers for many different applications.

High-purity Gallium

High-purity Gallium

Infrared LED Epitaxial Wafers

Infrared LED Epitaxial Wafers