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"Respect the Environment"
A core belief since Nichia's foundation

Since Nichia's beginnings in Tokushima, Nichia has grown up in the rich natural environment of the Shikoku island. That is why Nichia continues to protect the precious global environment as a community-based manufacturing company and as global citizens who are expanding its activities around the world.

Creating a Sustainable SocietyLiving in Harmony with Earth

Since its foundation, Nichia's basic policy is to contribute to society through the true monotsukuri* by Nichia's unique technology. All cathode materials, magnetic materials, various types of LEDs, UV LEDs, and Laser diodes (LD) encourage this movement towards carbon neutrality and mercury-free, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

For more information on Nichia's contribution to the realization of a mercury-free society, visit the Blog.

Respecting the EnvironmentEnvironmental Preservation

Based on one of the policies since its foundation, respecting the environment, Nichia has been working on the following environmental activities. In 2013, Nichia established the Nichia Furusato Foundation which provides subsidies to organizations protecting the environment in Tokushima. Nichia also has contributed to the protection and preservation of the Kawabata-moroko (golden venus chub), an endangered freshwater fish. In 2015, Nichia received the “Good Life Award” which is a special award sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment. Additionally, at Nichia's HQ, Nichia owns a breeding facility for fireflies and a small aquarium to preserve and breed rare organisms such as the Oya-nirami (Japanese perch), one of the endangered species in Japan.

Nichia Furusato Foundation

Nichia invested to establish the Nichia Furusato Foundation in 2013. Since 2015, this foundation has been supporting organizations in Tokushima that engage in activities to conserve biodiversity and prevent global warming. This foundation has subsidized 19 million yen for 45 organizations in 2024, and a total of 171 million yen since its foundation.

Nichia Furusato Foundation

Environmental Preservation Activities

  • Contribution to the Tokushima‑Kizuna-no-mori Reforestation Project
  • Sponsorship of‑Uyun-no-mori desert greening activities
  • Support for areas without electric lighting in Nepal
  • Contribution to Anan-city for the improvement of river water quality
  • Promotion of environmental preservation around plants
  • Contribution to the protection and preservation of an endangered species, the Kawabata-moroko (golden venus chub).
    (In 2015 received the “Good Life Award” which is a special award sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment.)
Environmental Preservation Activities Environmental Preservation Activities Environmental Preservation Activities

Creating a Prosperous WorldSocial Responsibility

Tokushima is not only the birthplace of Nichia, but also the place where all Nichia's Japanese manufacturing sites are located. To be a good corporate citizen of Tokushima, Nichia has been focused on supporting educational and research institutes, scholarships for students who show potential for future innovations, various regional promotion measures, and the people in the community who wish for a safe and comfortable life in Tokushima. Though these activities are limited to Tokushima for now, Nichia hopes to expand these activities to areas around its sales offices abroad in the future.

Grants for Educational Facilities and Scholarships

  • Support for Tokushima University
    • Donations to fund research grants
    • Donation to the construction of the “Nichia-Kaikan” the regional and international community building
    • Establishment of Nichia Scholarships for the department of science and technology
    • Endowed Course
      Establishment of an endowed course about nanomaterial technology
    • Donation to construction of the new building for outpatient care and the west ward in the University Hospital
  • Donation of a large display system to Kyoto University
  • Establishment of an endowed course in the University of Tokyo about photon information technology
Support for Tokushima University

Contributions to Local Communities

  • Donation of LED displays to public facilities and institutions
  • Donation to the Tokushima Prefecture to improve traffic conditions
  • Donation to the Anan City Parks project “Ushiki‑Castle Ruins Park Development”
  • Donation to enhance Anan City's child-rearing support policy
  • Donation to the construction of the west branch of Anan Firefighters Association
  • Participation in the Awa-Odori dance festival as a Nichia Ren (team)
  • Participation in local cleanup activities (volunteers)
  • Donation to Anan Medical Education Center
  • Donation to Tokushima Prefecture and Anan City for infection control and prevention measures of the new coronaviruses (SARS-CoV-2)
Contributions to Local CommunitiesContributions to Local Communities

* The Japanese word describing creating, manufacturing, and developing activities that are not only focused on the simple process of manufacturing inside a factory but also include the creation, utilization, and combination of ideas, technologies, and expertise.