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Establishment of an Online Notification
Form for Responsible Supply Chain of Minerals

Promoting this Procurement Policy requires active support from both suppliers and customers; therefore, Nichia requests that all review, understand and implement the following requests.

Nichia has established an Online Notification Form for Responsible Supply Chain of Minerals.
If an individual becomes aware that Nichia is or are likely to be in violation of basic stance on “Nichia's Expectation to Suppliers” regarding the mining, trading, handling, and exporting of Cobalt Ore mined in conflict-affected and high-risk areas, inform Nichia of such concerns via the Online Notification Form.
Nichia will conduct a fact-finding investigation and promptly take appropriate corrective actions if necessary.
The results of the investigation and corrective actions will not be provided to the requester unless Nichia decides that such disclosure is necessary.
Nichia appreciates the support of individuals reporting concerns in good faith without falsehood or abuse of this system for improper purposes.