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Modification Of Numeric Value Of Luminous Intensity

We would like to announce you that Nichia Corporation will modify the numeric value of luminous intensity according to the change of measuring criteria. Conventionally, we have correlated our internally standardized instruments with American national standard by calibrating it in its maker. However, we found the conventional measuring method has some problems as following:

1.The measure light bulb conventionally used for calibrating has considerably different optical output and spectrum from LED.

2.The maker of the measuring instruments does not have approval of QS9000 certification.

3. In the Round-Robin Testing of LED luminous intensity and total luminous flux measurement by Japan Electric Lamp Manufactures Association, we found value measured in Nichia is not equivalent to others.

In order to solve these problems, Nichia has standardized measure LED in the certified organization, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Lighting Company, and correlated its system with Japanese national standard. American and Japanese national standards are correlated with each other and have same standards.

When we measure our LEDs with newly standardized LED, we found the conventional value is lower than it should be. In order to ensure the correlation to the Japanese national standards, the difference in the numeric value needs to be correct. In this way Nichia has decided to modify its measuring system.

This modification is only on the numeric value of luminous intensity or optical output, so there is no impact on the product itself nor its production process.

Thank you for your understanding and continuing cooperation.