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Notice Correction to NICHIA LED CATALOG

There are a few errors in NICHIA LED CATALOG as follows:

LAMP TYPE product guide
1.(Page 5, "Yellow series-Product name change and Data change for NSPY800S")
Old : NSPY800S → New : NSPY800AS

2.(Page 6 "Red series-The Product name change and Data change in NSPR800S")
Old : NSPR800S → New : NSPR800AS

3.(Page 6,10,11,12 "Red series-The product name change and Data change in NSPR636AS")
Old : NSPR636AS → New : NSPR636BS

4.(Page 8, "Optical Power Output Intensity Rank Table")
<Po Rank for UV series>
Wrong : uW → Correct : μW

5. (Page 21, "Office list")
Wrong : TOKYO 108-0114 → Correct : TOKYO 108-0014

SURFACE MOUNT TYPE product guide
1.(Page 9, Ambient Temperature vs. Allowable Forward Current for the graphs NSCM315C and NECM325C)

a) Wrong : "Ambient Temperature vs. Allowable Forward Current"

Correct : " Ambient Temperature vs. Power Dissipation"
b) Wrong : the Vertical axis, IF (mA) → Correct : PD (mW).

LAMP TYPE(Page 21)/SURFACE MOUNT TYPE(Page 19)/DOT MATRIX UNIT (Last page) product guide
1. ("Office list")
<NICHIA CHEMICAL Pte Ltd, Singapore>
Wrong : TEL+65-324-8218 → Correct : TEL+65-6324-8218
Wrong : FAX+65-324-5756 → Correct : FAX+65-6324-5756