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Development of Warm White LED for Illumination

We are pleased to announce the development of the Warm White LED for illumination, which were a perfect combination created with Nichia's two Key technologies - Blue LED Technology and Phosphor Technology. We plan to release evaluation sample in coming December 2002.

Optics Characteristics are :
Color Temperature : 2800K
Luminous Efficiency : 20-25lm/W
Directivity : 50° (If=20mA)

Warm White LED is the combination of blue LED, newly developed red phosphor and the YAG phosphor. Red color was enhanced by this newly developed phosphor. This enables the color match to the track of black body radiation in the lamp color area (color temperature 2500K-3500K) which was difficult to achieve by current white LED which uses a only YAG Phosphor. Moreover, the color shift caused from forward current change and temperature change will be reduced compared to current white LED.

We plan to apply this Red-Enhanced Warm White Color Technology to Power LED series to penetrate into General Lighting Market. The sample shipment of high-power LED is scheduled in January 2003.

Also, we expect mass production level of 100,000 pieces per month in lamp-type LED series, and 1,000,000 pieces per month in Power LED series starting at 2003. We will further expand the mass production scale to meet growing demands.

It is our hope that this unique development came out from our belief "Be different in Technology" shall contribute the launch in many different illumination application, which lead to growth of LED market world wide.