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Korean LED manufacturer admits infringement of NICHIA design right

Recently, NICHIA CORPORATION found the fact that a Korean LED manufacturer has been conducting unauthorized use (manufacturing, selling, and advertising) of NICHIA's design in a number of countries where NICHIA's designs have been registered under respective laws, and demanded the manufacturer to discontinue those infringemenst.

The Korean LED manufacturer, in response to NICHIA's demand, admitted their design infringement in June 2003, and signed an agreement for NICHIA's demands such as immediate suspension of manufacturing, selling, and sales promotional activities, exportation of infringing products, destruction of the infringing products in the inventory, packing materials, advertising materials, and relevant facilities involved in manufacturing the infringing products.

The Korean manufacturer promptly agreed and implemented those obligations, so that this case didn't amount to a legal dispute as for the design infringement, and an early settlement was reached.

NICHIA CORPORATION has been giving serious consideration for protection of intellectual property and will vigorously enforce its rights against those who infringe our intellectual property in any countries.