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365nm, 100mW. We named it "i-LED"

Nichia has developed 365nm LED. Peak Wavelength, just on i-line, 365nm. 100mW, most powerful in the market. Again, from Nichia.

* No IR emission. Ideal for heat sensitive materials.
* Instant on and Instant off
* Ability to operate in low temperature
* Impact Resistant
* Environmentally Friendly (Mercury Free, Pb free solderable)

Nichia UV-LED Products

Model ∧(p) Power Window Available Memo
NSHU550A 375nm 2.0mW Flat Now  
NSHU590A 375nm 1.4mW Lens Now  
NSHU550B 365nm *2.0mW Flat Now  
NSHU590B 365nm *1.4mW Lens Now  
NCCU001E 380nm 85mW Flat 2004 Engineering sample available
NCCU033E 365nm 100mW Flat 2004 Mass production in Dec 2004
NSSU100 365nm *1.0mW SMD 2004 Engineering sample available
SMD Ceramic Package

*Preliminary number. Subject to change without notice.

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Public Relations, Nichia Corporation