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Nichia's Actions against Distributors in US

June 8, 2005 - Nichia Corporation announced today that it has recently reached resolutions of two intellectual property disputes with distributors in the U.S. Nichia has been actively pursuing its patent enforcement strategy and has been demanding that those who have sold products infringing Nichia's U.S. patents stop selling such products. The two deals are the result of its enforcement action plan.

JM Group, Inc.

JM Group had initially denied infringement and the dispute was brought to the Federal Court. JM finally acknowledged Nichia's contention and the parties settled to pursue a good business relationship.

ASP, Inc.

ASP understood Nichia's claim and opted for early settlement. A lawsuit was avoided. Both parties agreed to establish a good business relationship.

Both JM Group and ASP had purchased LEDs or products that contains LEDs from different Asian makers, and they were selling those products without knowing of the infringement of Nichia's patents. According to ASP, the Asian LED maker had misrepresented that the Asian maker had actually licensed Nichia's patents, and thus ASP continued to sell those infringing products.

Nichia continues to watch over the market for infringing products and to take necessary actions to keep those who manufacture such products out of the market.

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