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Nichia's Actions against Everlight Co.

NICHIA CORPORATION announced that it filed a Complaint in Taiwan Banciao District Court against Everlight Electronic Co., LTD., a Taiwanese LED manufacturer, for alleged design patent infringement. In the complaint, Nichia seeks a damage for the alleged infringement. The Complaint alleged infringing products are Everlight's " Part No. 99-215UWC/TR8 " and " Part No. 99-115UWC/XXX/TR8 " (LEDs). Nichia filed it based on a design patent infringement assessment report (for "Part No. 99-215UWC/TR8"and "Part No. 99-115UWC/XXX/TR8") by a Taiwanese expert. The design patent (Taiwanese registration No. 089,036) is one of Nichia's design patents concerning SMD Type LED. The LED corresponding to this design patent is used as the backlight of the liquid crystal display of cellular phones and so on. Nichia holds design patents for this SMD Type LED in other countries as well as in Taiwan. Nichia will take necessary measure to protect its intellectual property rights against any companies in any part of the world.

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