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Try our Genuine Ultraviolet LED

Nichia has started providing high power UV-LEDs. (Model No.NCSU033A) Located just on the i-line (365nm) of mercury lamp, it is the most powerful UV LED in the market.This powerful 365nm, genuine UV light, is expected to be used in various applications. Some examples of applications in which UV LEDs have been implemented are UV-Curing, Photo-catalyst and so on that require UV light. Check out Nichia's brand new UV light source!

* No IR emission. Ideal for heat sensitive materials.
* Instant on and Instant off
* Long life
* Sharp spectrum
* Compact light (free design)
* Power is adjustable by current(No Shutters Needed)
* Usable in Vacuum
* Ability to operate in low temperature
* Impact Resistant
* Environmentally Friendly (Mercury Free, Pb free solderable)

Contact information;
Public Relations, Nichia Corporation