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Nichia Entered Into an Agreement with Mr. Max

Nichia Corporation (“Nichia”) announced today that it entered into an Agreement with MrMax Corporation. (“MrMax”), under which both companies will have productive business relationship. Nichia and MrMax have been engaging in the settlement discussion on the potential issues regarding Nichia’s Japanese patents and private brand (PB) products of MrMax that use LEDs. Under the Agreement, MrMax will use Nichia’s white LEDs, blue LEDs and pink LEDs for their decorative illumination products in PB products of MrMax.

Nichia takes protection of intellectual property seriously, and actively enforce its rights around the world. Nichia is pleased with MrMax’s appreciation of Nichia’s intellectual property rights, as it is one of the affirmative results of Nichia’s continued efforts in Asia, Japan, United States and Europe to make the retailers aware of the importance of the intellectual property issues. Nichia intends to extend an intensified effort to protect its intellectual property rights, especially in PB products sold in Japan, (or products manufactured in Asia and sold in other regions).

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