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Patent Nullity Proceeding filed by Everlight

Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. ("Everlight") has filed patent nullity proceedings in Japan Patent Office against 19 patents held by Nichia Corporation ("Nichia"). Among such Nichia patents is the "YAG Patent", which is the Japanese Patent No. 2927279 ("279 Patent") and is directed to white LEDs by the combinations of blue LED and YAG phosphor. The JPO held on April 9, 2012, that the 279 Patent is valid over the Everlight's challenge. Two other patents, Japanese Patent Nos. 2778349 (electrode patent), and 2540791 (anneal patent), have been also found by the JPO as valid. As such, YAG Patent and these principal patents still remain valid.

As announced by Everlight, in a nullity proceeding against the Japanese Patent No. 3503139 ("139 Patent"), claim 1 one the 139 Patent was not held valid in JPO. Nichia believes, however, that the claim will be found valid by an amendment. The other three claims of the 139 Patent remain valid.

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