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Apr. 11, 2022

High TLCI Illumination for Accurate Color in Telework & Indoor Video Recording
-Through Nichia’s focus on higher quality of light, light sources now can achieve both Color Reproduction and High Efficiency-

Tokushima, Japan – 11 April 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the addition of the first mid power LED capable of delivering the high-quality light necessary to meet the demands of telework and indoor video recording.

Over the past 50 years, Nichia has demonstrated its commitment to improving the overall performance and quality of light through its R&D and production for phosphors and LEDs. Since its invention of the high brightness blue LED and subsequent white LED, simply replacing traditional lighting technologies with more efficient LEDs has never been Nichia’s goal. The industry deserves, and can have more. Over the past several years, Nichia has aggressively reaffirmed the importance of “quality of light”. How an object can be seen differently in light, or the level of personal comfort or wellbeing that such lighting provides, can sometimes be difficult to demonstrate through hard performance metrics. However, Nichia has been delivering new products based on this concept to show the value and importance of “quality of light”, such as Optisolis™ which reproduces natural light, and the H6 Series which delivers vivid and beautiful colors while maintaining high efficacy.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Technical Committee has defined one indicator to express quality of light, the Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI). TLCI quantifies the color reproduction of illuminated objects when they are projected on a display through a camera. Video and images taken under high TLCI lighting have higher color reproducibility than those taken under ordinary LED lighting, allowing users to enjoy natural, vivid, and beautiful images on TVs, PCs, and smartphone screens. The higher color reproducibility also makes it possible to reduce the time and cost previously spent on color editing.


Traditionally, TLCI has been an index that is often required for TV recording and broadcasting applications such as lighting in stadiums and indoor arenas. Nichia has had a high-power LED lineup with great TLCI metrics, specifically targeting stadium lighting, including the NV4WB35AM, NV4WB35AR and NVSW519A series. However, with the continued adoption of remote work as well as other new online activities, there is an increasing demand for indoor lighting with high color reproducibility through a camera, such as virtual meetings, video recordings and more. To respond to this demand, Nichia has developed and launched a TLCI option with the NFSW757G-P5H6/R9050j85t90, which achieves high TLCI metrics for lighting in indoor video production.

By combining Nichia’s unique phosphor technology and the TriGain® Technology of GE Current, a Daintree Company, this LED achieves high TLCI, high color rendering / TM-30 and high efficiency at the same time, something not possible with existing high color rendering LEDs. This LED enables the design of luminaires appropriate for telework, online meetings, indoor video recordings and photography with smartphones. Nichia believes that this will greatly contribute to improving people’s quality of work and life.

Nichia continuously explores how light brings value and enhances people’s life, and will endlessly pursue the ideal light source.

For more information about products, refer to Nichia’s website.

NFSW757G-P5H6, NV4WB35AM, NV4WB35AR and NVSW519A are merely Nichia’s part number.

TriGain® is a registered trademark of Current Lighting Solutions, LLC.