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May. 25, 2023

Nichia's 3 Newest Award-Winning Technologies

The Clear White color LED, the Super High Luminance 719 and the UVC 434C recognized with LEDs Magazine's BrightStar Awards and EdisonReport's Top 10 MUST SEE Products at LightFair 2023

Tokushima, Japan – 25 May 2023: Nichia, the world's largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, is honored to receive several awards and recognition at the beginning of LightFair 2023. LEDs Magazine annual BrightStar Awards were awarded to the Clear White color LED, the Super High Luminance 719 and the UVC 434C. Additionally, the Clear White color LED was recognized by EdisonReport in their annual Top 10 MUST SEE Products at LightFair 2023.

LEDs Magazine's BrightStar Awards are intended to recognize ingenuity in commercial components, materials, tools, controls, and finished products for LED-based applications. Categories include LED light sources, indoor/outdoor illumination, horticultural lighting, connected lighting, circadian and disinfection lighting, and specialty applications. This competitive program allows LEDs Magazine to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products of the past year that are advancing LED and solid-state lighting technology into various applications.

Each Spring the EdisonReport evaluates products and services from all Tier 1, most Tier II, and some Tier III companies that will be exhibited at LightFair and chooses the Top 10 MUST SEE list. Randy Reid, editor of the EdisonReport, stated, “There are some great products again this year and we are eager to see these revolutionary products in person at LightFair.”

The Clear White color LED, with its unique color geared to support the joy of sharper vision for senior citizens, has been developed by combining Nichia's expertise and technology in phosphors and LEDs cultivated over many years. It improves senior citizen's visibility and makes eating, reading, and other activities more comfortable, thereby supporting a more vibrant life.

Nichia's new Super High Luminance LED, the NVSW719AC, is the world's first LED to achieve super high luminance through an innovative structure with multiple light-emitting layers. It reaches three times higher luminance vs. conventional products. Additionally, the 719AC enables simplification and miniaturization of luminaire design, and leads to the realization of completely new lighting spaces.

Nichia's latest 280nm UVC LED, the NCSU434C delivers a radiant flux of 110mW at 350mA (a nearly 80% improvement over its predecessor), leading to a wall-plug efficiency of 5.4%. With a size of just 3.5mm x 3.5mm, this flux density and efficiency is unmatched in the industry today, eliminating any wavelength inefficiencies of germicidal effectiveness. Nichia expects the NCSU434C to be implemented in various large flow water and air disinfection equipment for inactivation of various viruses, including the new coronavirus and sterilization of bacteria. These levels of performance improvements further justify the immediate replacement of environmentally harmful mercury lamps with LED systems.

Nichia continuously strives to develop innovative products, with a focus on function and quality of light, for the daily comfort of our lives.

For more information about products, refer to Nichia's website.
Clear White color LED
Super High Luminance LED
NCSU434C(Product Information)

NVSW719AC and NCSU434C are Nichia's part numbers.