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Apr. 2, 2024

The Blue-IR hybrid laser “BRACE™” series has been given the Laser Industry Encouragement Award

Nichia is honored to announce that the Blue-IR hybrid laser “BRACE™”, equipped with a blue laser diode module (LDM) developed in collaboration with Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., has been awarded the Laser Industry Encouragement Award at the 16th Industry Award of The Laser Society of Japan. This award is given to companies that have contributed to the development of the laser-related industry in Japan, from development to practical application adoption of products and technologies. The Encouragement Award is specifically given to those who are recognized for pioneering the market and its future potential. Furukawa Electric's Blue-IR hybrid laser “BRACE™” is a laser focused on improving the quality of laser welding processing of copper materials by combining a blue laser with a near-infrared (IR) fiber laser. Nichia's blue LDM is one of the key components of BRACE™, and the product was realized by integrating the technologies cultivated by both Furukawa Electric and Nichia. BRACE™ has been highly recognized for its potential as a product that can meet the welding needs of copper materials, which are extensively used in key components of electric vehicles such as electric axles and secondary batteries. Additionally, it is recognized as a product that can contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society. This is what led to BRACE™ receiving this award.

In the market, there is a growing demand for new laser processing technologies in anticipation of the future mass production of parts for electric vehicles. Nichia and Furukawa Electric will continue to promote joint development to meet these diverse needs.

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“BRACE” is a trademark of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.