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Jun. 17, 2024

Newly Listed Products (2024.06.17)


NVSC219GL-L1(Royal Blue), NVSB219GL-L1(Blue), NVSE219GL-L1(Bluish Green), NVSG219GL-L1(Green): Added high power color upgrades to the 19(3535) Series.


NC2W121G(High luminous flux), NC2W121G-SC(High luminance): Added to the 121 Chip Scale Package Series, with options offering optimized heat dissipation.


7 products have been added to the Display & Specialty portfolio as below.

・Through-hole LEDs for outdoor application
Added LEDs that contribute to more energy savings while maintaining the suitable light distribution suitable for billboards.

Downward distribution:NSPB336HS(Blue), NSPG336HS(Green), NSPR336HS(Red)
Upper and lower symmetry distribution:NSPB336JS(Blue), NSPG336JS(Green), NSPR336JS(Red)

・Lensed Full-color RGB SMD LED
NSSM137A : Added a wide light distribution version suitable for stadium and advertising applications, to a Lensed Full-color RGB SMD LED, combining the features of through-hole and SMD LEDs.