U.S. Distributors Stop Marketing Infringing LED Products

Nichia Corporation (Nichia) announced today that the distributors in the U.S. have agreed to stop marketing certain LED application products, which are manufactured in Asian countries. Nichia believed that the LED application products, which incorporate white LEDs, infringe at least one of Nichia's U.S. patents.

Upon request by Nichia, the distributors in the U.S. have agreed to stop selling such infringing products from June 2004, and only sell non-infringing products from November 2004.

The LED application products these distributors sell may bear labels certifying that they contain Nichia LEDs, which manufacturers of LED products wish to place on their products.

Nichia will continue to identify infringing LED application products in the market, and enforce its intellectual property rights against any infringers in any part of the world. By doing so, Nichia hopes to contribute to the growth of a fair market, where intellectual property is valued.

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