U.S. Manufacturer to Stop Manufacturing Infringing LED Application Products

Nichia has been intensifying its patent enforcement activity and has been demanding that those who have sold products infringing Nichia's U.S. patents stop selling such products.

Recently, Nichia determined that certain LED application products marketed in the U. S. infringed at least one of Nichia's U.S. patents. Upon request by Nichia, MPP Corp., of Osceola, WI the manufacturer of the products, has agreed to stop manufacturing such infringing products.

Some distributors are now marketing products with labels indicating they contain Nichia LEDs inside. With respect to products that do not contain such labels, Nichia will examine for infringing products and will take necessary actions that could result in legal proceedings.

Nichia continues to watch over the market for infringing products and to take necessary actions to keep those who manufacture such products out of the market.

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