BATTERY MATERIALS (Lithium Ion Battery Active Materials)

Nichia develops and manufactures active materials for lithium-ion batteries, with our core technologies in powder synthesis we have built up during our many years as a leading phosphor manufacturer. Conducting the entire manufacturing process from raw materials to finished products, Nichia swiftly serves various needs of every customer, and consistently supplies solution for lithium ion batteries that meet the needs of higher capacity and higher safety. Lithium-ion batteries are subject to increasing demands for further progress in accordance with their applications. High reliability in high-power operation for large cells, low price and high capacity for portable devices, and so on, in order to keep up with rapidly expanding applications for lithium ion batteries, Nichia, a world-leading manufacturer of cathode materials for lithium ion batteries, consistently supply products with optimum particle design.



As one of the best manufacturers of cathode materials in the world,Nichia produces lithium cobalt oxide.
Nichia consistently supplies high-quality products created through its streamlined production processes, and receives high evaluation from the customers.

lithium cobalt oxide

Applications: small mobile devices, notebook computers, etc.



High safety and high packing density are achieved by our original synthetic process, and is suitable for use in a wide range of batteries from small-type to large-type.

Applications: small mobile devices, notebook computers, electric power tools, large-size lithium-ion batteries,in-vhicle batteries etc.



Utilizing Nichia’s unique coprecipitation technique and performing atomic-level mixing, Nichia offers products with optimum particle design for various applications. Ternary system materials have advantage of reducing the use of Co and realizing both excellent output and excellent safety. Thus, the optimum materials for large-size batteries such as in-vehicle use. In the coming years, exponential increase in demand is anticipated and Nichia is committed to the development of these as key materials.

Ternary System Materials

Applications: small mobile devices, notebook computers, electric power tools, large-size lithium-ion batteries, in-vehicle batteries, etc.

Battery evaluation and analysis

Evaluation of prototype batteries

  • Half cell evaluation
    Charge-Discharge capacity, C-rate characteristics
  • Full cell evaluation
    Cycle life, Storage characteristics, Direct current internal resistance(DCIR), Gas generation
  • Heat stability evaluation(DSC)

Analysis of active materials

  • XRD Rietveld analysis
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy analysis (EIS)
  • Electron Microscope Observation
  • Structural analysis at SPring-8(XRD・XAFS)
  • First-principles calculations