The history of Nichia Corporation&Subsidiaries

Stage-I 1956 to 1965 High Purity Calcium Salts
1956 Nichia Chemical Industries Ltd. founded in Aratano-Cho, Anan City.
1964 Kaminaka plant, present Nichia headquarters, begins operation.
Stage-II 1966 to 1972 Phosphors for Fluorescent Lamps, Phosphors for color TVs, Calcium Salts
1966 Production of phosphors for fluorescent lamps begun.
1970 Production of phosphors for color TVs begun.
1972 Headquarters relocated from Aratano-Cho to present location, Kaminaka-Cho.
Stage-III 1973 to 1992 Phosphors for Fluorescent Lamps, CRTs, X-ray Intensifying Screens
1974 Tokushima plant begins operation.
1977 Production of phosphors for tri-band fluorescent lamps begun.
1979 Tokyo Sales Office opened.
1983 Osaka Sales Office opened.
1986 First R&D building completed at headquarters.
1987 Capital participation into Unilux Co., Ltd., Taiwan (present Nichia Taiwan Corp.).
1988 Nichia America Corporation founded.
1989 Nichia Malaysia SDN. BHD. Founded.
Stage-IV 1993 to present Phosphors, LEDs, Laser Diodes, Battery Materials
1993 Nichia Chemical Europe GmbH founded in Nuremberg, Germany.
World's first high luminosity 1cd blue LED successfully developed.
1995 Blue LEDs won "Nikkei Best Products Award."
Tatsumi Plant begins operation.
World's first high luminosity 6 cd pure green LED successfully developed.
World's first success in room temperature pulsed rasing of InGaN-based blue-violet (410 nm) laser diode.
1996 Pure green LED receives "Nikkei Excellent Product Award".
White LEDs successfully developed.
Production of secondary battery materials begun.
1997 Nagoya Sales Office opened.
Shanghai Office opened in China.
Second R&D building completed at headquarters.
1998 Tokyo Technical Center (Current Yokohama Research Center) opened.
1999 Nichia America Corporation Detroit Sales Office opened.
Nichia Europe B.V. founded in the Netherlands.
2000 Nichia Chemical Pte Ltd. founded in Singapore.
Third R&D building completed at headquarters.
2001 Seoul Office (present Nichia Korea Corporation) opened.
Nichia Shanghai Corporation founded.
Tokyo Technical Center relocated to Yokohama-City.
2002 License Agreement signed with CITIZEN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
License Agreement signed with ASAHI RUBBER INC.
Hong Kong Office (present Nichia Chemical Hong Kong., Ltd.) opened
2003 Warm White LED for lighting receives "Technical Innovation Award" at LightFair 2003, New York City.
Nichia Chemical Hong Kong., Ltd. founded.
2004 Nichia India Office (present Nichia Chemical India Pvt., Ltd.) opened.
Nichia Korea Corporation founded.
Nichia Chemical Europe GmbH. founded in Frankfurt.
Nichia America Corporation California Sales Office (present Los Angeles Sales Office) opened.
2005 Nichia Shanghai Opto-Device Corporation founded.
Micro White, white LD fiber light source for special lighting developed.
2006 Tokyo Technical Center renamed YOKOHAMA TECHNOLOGY CENTER. New company premises completed.
Nichia Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. founded.
Micro White receives Nikkei BP Technical Award.
Naruto Plant begins operation.
2008 Nichia Chemical (India) Pvt Ltd. founded.
Nichia Chemical (India) Pvt Ltd. Bangalore Sales Office opened.
2009 NICHIA RUS LLC founded.
Nichia America Corporation Atlanta Sales Office opened.
Nichia Taiwan Corporation Shenzhen Office opened in China.
2010 Nichia Chemical Pte Ltd. Melbourne Office opened in Australia.
Nichia Corporation Beijing Office opened.
Nichia Shanghai Corporation Beijing Sales Office opened.
2011 Nichia Shanghai Corporation Shanghai Sales Office opened.
Nichia Chemical (India) Pvt Ltd. Mumbai Sales Office opened.
2012 Nichia Shanghai Corporation Guangzhou Sales Office opened.
Nichia Taiwan Corporation Nichia Shenzhen Corporation founded.
Nichia America Corporation San Jose Sales Office opened.
STEC (present SUWA TECHNOLOGY CENTER) opened in Japan.
2014 Nichia Chemical Pte Ltd. Sydney Office opened in Australia.
NICHIA CHEMICAL (THAILAND) CO.,Ltd. Ho Chi Minh Office opened in Vietnam.
2016 NICHIA CHEMICAL Pte Ltd. Jakarta Office opened in Indonesia.
2017 Direct Mountable Chip LED receives “Highly Commended” at Lux Awards 2017 in London.
2018 NICHIA selected as one of the 2017 Top 100 Global Innovators.
Optisolis™ Ultra High CRI LED receives Best Lighting Technology 2018 at LpS Award in Austria.
2019 NICHIA selected as one of the 2018-19 Top 100 Global Innovators.
2020 NICHIA selected as one of the 2020 Top 100 Global Innovators.